OPPO ENCO M31 Wireless Earphone Review: Mindblowing

This year Oppo has come up with a different range of wireless earphones and Enco M 31 is one of them. The earphones are Amazon exclusive and come with tons of features. I manage to buy them out on the day of the launch. They cost me around 2000 bucks and I think they had justified their price point quite easily.  Here is the detailed review of the OPPO ENCO M31 Wireless Earphone.


Drivers : 9.2mm dynamic drivers

Frequency response range: 20Hz-40KHz(LDAC 96KHz,990Kbps)

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Battery: 88mAh lithium-ion battery

Charging port: Type C

Reason to buy: 

  • LDAC Ultra-Clear Audio Transmission for powerful data transmission and crisp sound
  • Certified Hi-Res Wireless Audio: Offers broader soundstage than most of its counterparts. The frequency range can go up to 40KHz.
  • 9.2mm Titanium Speaker: Titanium composite drivers deliver exceptional sound for every frequency with deep bass. 
  • Packs with Industry-leading AI-powered noise reduction algorithms that offer hassle-free calling experience in noisy conditions.
  • IPX5 certification for water resistance capabilities. 


Battery performance is good but not the best.


OPPO ENCO M31 Wireless Earphone comes in a neatly designed cardboard package which looks quite premium at the first glance. The moment I unbox it, things become pretty standard afterward. The earphones pack standard stuff like a user manual, warranty card, pair of silicons buds, and USB Type C charging cable.  I must say that the quality of the package is top-notch.

oppo earphone packaging

Design and features

To be frank there is nothing fancy here. The design is minimal and feels sturdy throughout. The silicon band is fairly flexible and can easily bear day to day abusive handling quite easily.  The ear tips are uniquely designed and give a better fit with great noise isolation. 

The control buttons on the silicon band are not complicated either. The double-tapping on the main button will allow you to switch to different audio effects i:e bass mode or balance mode. 

Furthermore, the main button can also be used for picking up the incoming call. Apart from excellent aesthetics, the overall weight of this earbud is 22g which makes it easier to carry on without much of a hassle. 

Image source: oppo

The magnetic connection on both the earbuds serves different functionality. The moment I attached them together, the music gets paused and after a few seconds the earphones get switched off. And when I put them back in my ears, the music gets started where I have left. Simple yet effective feature.

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Sound Quality 

The amount of bass these earphones produce is insane and pure. Right from EDM tracks to classical music, they handled everything with authenticity and the best part is that even at the highest volume they don’t overwhelm my listening experience with annoying thump or treble. Everything has been balanced out and tweaked very smartly. Kudos to oppo’s engineer. 

Oppo earphone is hi-res certified
Oppo Enco M31 is Hi-Res certfied

The 9.5 mm titanic driver is capable of reproducing a broader soundstage that caters to different genres of music with ease. I would rate them 4.7 out of 5 as far as the overall quality of sound is concerned. The bass head out won’t regret it once they buy them out, I can guarantee that.  The call quality on these earbuds is good and remains crisp throughout the conversation. 

Battery performance 

The oppo wireless earphones excel on an 88 mAh battery which by far is pretty standard on any ground. As soon as I activated the bass mode the overall backup of these earphones reduced dramatically. Meanwhile the balance mode allows me to extend the listening hours to some extent. The overall battery backup of the earphones is good but not the best.

Bottom line

OPPO ENCO M31 Wireless Earphone is a great pair of earphones and they shouldn’t disappoint the audiophiles and bass head out there. At 1999 Rs, the Enco M 31 doesn’t feel pricey at all, as it has tons of great features along with IPX 5 protection. Yes! I do admit that the battery performance of these earbuds is below par. But I must say these are the best pair of oppo earphone I have seen in years.

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