OnePlus 8 Vs Mi 10: Xiaomi’s Flagship is a clear winner here

I know a lot of people are confused between these two phones so I’ve been testing these out extensively in the last few weeks. So it’s time to put them to test and these are my thoughts on oneplus 8 versus Mi 10. 

Mi 10 Vs One Plus 8: Specs



Honestly, there’s no doubt that both of these phones are premium high-end flagship smartphones. Both have the curved gorilla glass 5 front and back although Mi 10 has wireless charging support and one plus 8 does not.

Anyway, both have the aluminium frame and both of these look stunning but there are some key differences. The one plus 8 it has a more matte finish thanks to its frosted glass and this new colour looks gorgeous.

The Mi 10 on the other hand also has great colour but this has this mirror finish that looks striking although it’s a big fingerprint magnet. 

So looks are subjective so to each their own but I like to design more because of its more compact and more handy form factor. So if you compare the one plus 8 is small in size as you can see the dimensions and it weighs a lot lighter 180 grams compared to 208 grams of the Mi 10.

OnePlus 8 Vs Mi 10: Dimensions
OnePlus 8 Vs Mi 10: Dimensions

That’s a difference of 28 grams and honestly, you can feel the difference.  I fished one plus 8 from the Mi 10 and it felt way better in the hands because it’s just lightweight, more compact and just more comfortable. 

The Mi 10 is a premium feeling phone but it’s also big and bulky, plus this camera hump on the mi 10  just gets in the way every time you hold the phone. One plus 8 has a mini camera bump but the mi 10 camera bump is huge.

Other things to know about the design of these phones is the fact that both of these don’t have an IP rating and there’s the fact that both of these have dual sim slots but no microSD slot and apart from that both of these phones have steel speakers but in my testing, I found it the mi 10 speakers are just a tad bit more powerful. 

Mi 10 has an equally powerful speaker on the bottom and on the top so you get a more stereo sound experience. One plus 8 to has pretty good speakers but its top speaker which the earpiece is not as loud or impactful as the mi 10 speaker. 


When it comes to display both these phones come with FHD Plus AMOLED displays with 90Hz refresh rate and they both have the punch hole in the left top corner.

The both these phones look almost bezel-less and honestly just stunning. It’s a pleasure using these displays because the 90Hz refresh rate makes for a smooth experience because it has that both these phones have great AMOLED panels.

Both OnePlus 8 and Mi 10 sports 90 Hz Amoled display
Both OnePlus 8 and Mi 10 sports 90 Hz Amoled display

The Mi 10 display is marginally brighter but it’s a very small difference. Apart from that the one plus 8 display has a cooler tone, while the Xiaomi flagship goes for a more warmer tone. You can also changes in the display settings so you can have the tone you want.  

Apart from that both of these phones have optical in display fingerprint scanners and just super fast face unlock so biometric authentication isn’t going to be a problem in any of these phones.

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Now let’s talk about performance. Oneplus 8 and Mi 10 are neck to neck when it comes to under the hood specs. Snapdragon 865, UFS 3.0 storage,  up to 12 GB of LPDDR4 RAM.

Yaa! top of the line specs and the benchmark show that.  As you can see the benchmarks are top-notch and close.  

Benchmark scores
Benchmark scores

Now like I said I have you both these phones as my daily driver and you know what I haven’t really faced any lag or issues at all with either of these phones. I’ve also played a lot of pubg mobiles and there haven’t been any problems.

OnePlus 8 Vs Mi 10: Gaming experience
OnePlus 8 Vs Mi 10: Gaming experience

I also did not find any heating issues so yeah that’s pretty good. So the performance is “flagshipy” in both of these phones.  But the difference comes in the software experience. 

See MiUi 11 on Mi 10 does not have any ads and it uses Google’s apps as default for phone, dialer, and the browser but it’s still not the premium experience I expected. The Mi 10 comes with lot more bloatware and a lot of more than 10 apps and I’m not even including things like Mi Credit or Mi Pay. This is disappointing. 

On the other hand, Oxygen OS is the clean experience everyone wants on a flagship phone. I mean it’s not perfect it has an issue but it’s definitely the better experience when compared to MiUi 11.  

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Mi 10 vs Oneplus 8: Camera setup
Mi 10 vs Oneplus 8: Camera setup

On paper the Mi 10 is obviously the more powerful camera phone. It’s called 108 megapixel camera versus the 48 megapixel sensor on one plus 8. 

Anyway we all know that mega pixels pictures don’t really mean better performance so let me show you how these compare.

In daylight both these smooth stay good shots but let me tell you straight away that Mi 10’s 108-megapixel sensor triumphs the one plus 8 48 MP on most occasions. 

The Mi 10 photos always have more detail whether its normal or macro shots. But it’s not just the details, One plus 8 photos also seem to be soft when compared to the Mi 10 in photos.

The Mi 10 has one issue that it does tend to up the contrast at times taking a darker photo but mostly I found it to be better than the one plus 8.

In low light too it’s a similar case, the Mi 10 beats one plus 8 quite comprehensively. Its photos are brighter, sharper, and have more detail. Now one thing I did like about the one plus 8 though it’s the fact that in super low light it automatically triggers the night mode, whereas in the Mi 10 you have to go to the actual night mode. So that’s a good addition from one plus.

Anyway, the story is different when it comes to ultra-wide-angle lenses. Check out some ultra-wide-angle shots from these phones and you’ll notice that the Mi 10s 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor just ups the contrast a bit too much at times and it’s also a bit too soft around the edges. One plus 8 ultra-wide-angle shots sometimes don’t have enough detail but apart from that overall, I think the one plus 8 wins here. 

Both the phones have macro lenses and to be honest I don’t really care about macro on  phones because they’re mostly bad as is the case here. But if you have to know, well, the Mi 10 macro shots are definitely better.

On the video front, Mi 10 can shoot 8k video while the oneplus 5 excels on 4k shooting capability. Again, Mi 10 beats the OnePlus 8 with a big margin due to better software tweaking. 

The same thing goes for the selfies camera but on the whole, both the phones perform really well and capture good shots with fine details.

front camera setup
front camera setup


The Oneplus 8 has a 4300 mah battery with 30-watt wire charging compared to a larger 4750 image battery on the Mi 10 that supports wire as well as wireless charging.

The Mi 10 already seems better here but I’m all about details. See in my usage, the Mi 10 battery performs better but only slightly.

Oneplus Vs Mi 10: battery comprasion
Oneplus Vs Mi 10: battery comprasion

Whether it comes to screen on time or playing high-end games for prolong hours, both the phones perform equally well. The same goes for their charging capabilities as well. Both the handsets take about an hour to get fully charged.

Mi 10 wireless charging stand
Mi 10 wireless charging stand

However, Mi10 gets a slight edge over here due to its impeccable wireless capabilities. It may be a deal-breaker for those who want to avoid the hassle of dealing with tangling wires. 

Final Thoughts

It’s amazing how Mi 10 outshines OnePlus 8 in all department except software. From camera performance to battery endurance, Mi 10 feels a bit more solid for the given price. OnePlus 8, on the other hand, have some advantages in terms of aesthetics and overall UI experience. But on the whole, its quite clear that Mi 10 is a clear winner here.

Mi 10 is available on Amazon at the super-impressive price tag.

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