How to Remove Password From PDF on Windows, Mac, Android, Chrome, and iPhone?

How to remove password from PDF file?
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PDF is an essential file format for computer users and professionals. There are so many instances when we come across PDF files for different reasons. Radically, most of the PDF files are not password protected unless there is something important in them. It won’t be feasible for regular users to remember every PDF password. Thus using PDF files without a password is a no brainer for every one of us. In this blog, we will show you how to remove Password from PDF on different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, etc. 

Please keep in mind that the methods we are about to explain don’t replicate any decryption tricks. Instead, these methods are old schools and seek a password to render the desired result. With that said, let go ahead and check out the methods for removing the password from a PDF file. 

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How to remove password from PDF in Android?

Generally, the majority of the users use their PC and laptop to access PDF files. There are a few instances when we use our smartphone to serve that purpose. But when that happened, we often dive into a never-ending loop of entering the password, which eventually leads us to disappointment. Thankfully, there are ways to overcome that hassle as well. Andriod users can take advantage of the below steps to remove password from PDF. 

  • Head over to the Google Play on your handset and install “PDF Utilities.” 
  • Now, download the PDF file of which you are looking to remove the password. 
  • Get back to the installed app i.e, “PDF Utilities,” and select “Next.” 
  • Locate and select the PDF file and then tap on the “Start” option. A pop-up will appear on your screen, prompting you to enter the PDF password. 
  • Enter the password and select OK. 
  • That’s it, navigate to the location where you have saved the original PDF file. Here you will find the new password-free PDF file. 

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How to remove password from PDF in iPhone?

There are ways to remove password from PDF on iOS, and one of them we have illustrated in this segment. With that said, let’s see what you need to do to remove the password from PDF on iPhone. 

Here we will take advantage of an app called PDF Expert. This app comes with a price tag Rs 4,099, but there is a free trial for a week that gets the job done with ease. Once the job is done, you can cancel the subscription without paying a single penny in the following way.

App Store > go to profile picture > choose Subscriptions > select PDF Expert and then Cancel

If that sounds OK, use the following instructions. 

  • Go to the App Store and get the PDF expert on your phone. 
  • Next, explore the main menu, find the PDF file that seeks password removal.
  • Open the File and provide the password.
  • Next, head over to the top-right corner and tap the three-dots icon. 
  • Now, opt for the “Change Password” option and select Remove password 
  • Done. now your PDF is password-free. 

How to remove password from PDF via Google Chrome? 

It is by far the easiest way to make your PDF file password free. All you need a chrome browser here to get the job done. Here’s how this method works. 

  • Open the target PDF file in Chrome that seeks password removal
  • Keep in mind that you need a valid password to open the PDF file. 
  • Once the File is unlocked, give the print command on your system and hit Save option. 
  • A dialog box will pop up on your system, asking you to save the File in the optional locations. 
  • Once done, hit the save button. 
  • Now you will be able to use this File without a password. 

Keep in mind that this method will work on every mainstream browsers such as Opera, Firefox, and Safari. 

How to remove password from PDF on Mac? 

This method is for those who don’t wish to take advantage of the above solutions. 

  • Download the PDF file to you wish to make password-free. 
  • Now use the Finder to locate the target file and open it in preview. 
  • Use the password to unlock the File. 
  • Once you open the File, head over to the File section, and select Export as PDF. 
  • Next, create the file name, choose the location, and tap on the Save button. 
  • Congrats, your PDF file is now password-free. 

How to remove password from PDF in Adobe Acrobat DC

If you wish to remove the password from PDF on Mac or Windows 10, then Google Chrome could get the job done for you. However, you can also use Adobe Acrobat DC to serve this purpose. Adobe Acrobat DC is available for 1000 bucks only. Once you get this software on your system, follow the given steps carefully. 

  • Explore your PDF file on the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. 
  • Enter the password to unlock it. 
  • Head over the left section, and click the Lock icon. 
  • Select Permission Details under the Security Settings. 
  • Next, select Security, opt for No Security available under the Security method. 
  • Click OK to confirm the password removal. 
  • Select File>Save. 


These are the simple tricks to remove password from PDF files. We understand that it can be annoying for anyone to confront such events on a frequent basis. With these solutions at your disposal, you never have to spend hours on the internet in hunt for a solution. 

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