Google Pixel Buds 2020 Review: Great But Not Perfect

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Google earbuds are out now and we can say that they have nailed the competition this time. Google earbud is way more superior in terms of design and functionality as compared to its predecessor. However, they are not a game-changer as far as battery life is concerned. They were able to squeeze out five hours of battery life, which is mediocre on any ground. They are also pricer than the competition which again put a question mark on their credibility. But in spite of these negative traits, pixel buds feel on par and deliver great value to the users. This in-depth review will help you understand this product in detail.

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Captivating Design 

Google Pixel Buds 2 is a standout pair of earbuds when it comes to design. Its minimalistic design bears an uncanny resemblance to Airpods. However, there is a little difference. Unlike Airpod’s shiny surface, pixel buds case come with a matt finish which in fact looks quite authentic. The earbuds are super cozy and offer unparalleled stability through its extended tips that culminate in silicon tips.

Egg like case of Google Pixel Earbuds
Egg like case of Google Pixel Earbuds

Seamless usability 

The moment I popped up the lid of the case, pixel buds get instantly paired with my device. The connectivity also ensures the hand-free access to Google assistant. There is also a companion application where you can tweak general settings for the optimal experience. The Google Pixel Buds left no room of complaint when it comes to usability. 

Pairing my device with pixel buds 2
Pairing my device with pixel buds 2

The touch control on the outside of each earbud is super-intuitive. The swiping gesture allows me to control the volume level without any tedious adjustments. The play and pause functionality is also at my fingertips. All I need to tap on the surface and I was good to go. 

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Dual Charging Modes 

Google Pixel EarBuds 2 comes with wireless charging and USB Type C port that support fast charging. That means you don’t have to charge them up for a longer time. The case itself acts as a power bank for these earbuds that offers a good battery back up.

Detailed Soundstage (But not for Basshead)

Google earbuds offer a great broader soundstage than most of its counterparts. However, the bass output is not to our liking but still, it delivers a captivating soundstage. Frankly, Pixel Buds 2 is not for those who prefer bass over mids and high.

Wrapping up

Pixel Earbuds is a compelling product from Google which seems to outrank the competition in the upcoming month. Priced at 179$, Google Pixel buds could be a good companion for those craving for quality soundstage with ease of use.

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