Coronavirus Pandemic: Here’s How To Clean The Phone And Makes It Germ-Free

How often you clean your gadgets? A lot of emphases is indeed being given to hand hygiene right now due to Coronavirus, which causes COVID19 disease. Also, we are being advised not to touch any part of our face, in general. But what is not being informed about much is the thing which touches your face more often and perhaps makes you more susceptive to the disease — your smartphone.

Your phone is obviously the most unhygienic thing which touches your face, for starters. And according to WSJ, the germs can sustain on the hard surface for more than nine days. That can be a catastrophe for anyone who is more susceptive to the disease. 

It may be a little complicated to clean your smartphone as several gadgets are made of different materials. It has also noted that UV-C light does not guarantee the prevention of Coronavirus. 

Pure alcohol has excellent disinfecting properties, but they can damage your phone by striping off oleophobic coatings. These coatings help your phone to show a remarkable resistance against the water and oil damage.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDS) has advised that registered household disinfectants are the best options when its comes to gadgets cleaning. The CDC recommends the use of disposable gloves for the cleaning purpose and hand sanitization once you are through.

As far as cleaning is concerned, along with hand sanitizers and soaps for your hands, also buy a professional cleaning solution for your phone. Ensure it has isopropyl alcohol.

Apple, on its official website, has proposed a few key pointers which you must follow during the cleaning process.

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Tips to disinfect your phone from gems including Coronavirus

  • — The kind of material you use to wash phones should not be abrasive.
  • — Don’t rely on excessive wiping, as it can severely damage the screen. 
  • — Secure the openings of your smartphone while cleaning. 
  • — Avoid the use of bleaches, aerosol sprays, or abrasives.
  • — Do not directly expose your phone to the spray. 
  • — Instead, try to take advantage of cleaning solution. To do so, pour a little amount of cleaning solution on the microfiber cloth and then cautiously wipe the phone. 
  • — Washable case is another good option you can choose to secure your smartphone against the bacterial attack. 
Use lint-free cloth to clean your phone
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Apart from these standard guidelines, you should also avoid the use of makeup removers to clean your smartphone. In case you are using it, then ensure that it is safe for screens and does not contain harmful chemicals like chlorine, alcohol, or phosphates. This way you can clean the phone easily and safely.

Lastly, we want you to be safe and follow the protocol given by the Government. Don’t expose yourself or any of your belongings with the outer environment. At least this way you can avoid the confrontation with all kind of viruses including Coronavirus.

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